Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Peller Estates Winery Event


Peller Estates
290 John Street
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

The Trucks:
The Feisty Jack
El Gastronomo Vagabundo
Southern Smoke Truck
Itty Bitty Pie Company
Gourmet Gringos
The Roaming Buffalo
Food Man and Culture Boy

The Food:
Chicken Tikka Masala from the Feisty Jack
Tostado de Lengua from El Gastronomo Vagabundo
Texas Style Beef Brisket from Southern Smoke Truck
Buffalo Chicken Savory Pie from Itty Bitty Pie Company
Pork Al Pastor and Beef Cheek Barbacoa Tacos from Gourmet Gringos
WTF and Pork Belly Sliders from the Roaming Buffalo
Fish Tacos from Food Man and Culture Boy

The Feisty Jack

El Gastronomo Vagabundo

Southern Smoke Truck

In her opinion:
Any opportunity that I get to enjoy food truck food...I jump. I personally think that food trucks are an excellent opportunity to try amazing food. It is important to note that food trucks are not a fad...they are here to stay! They provide fresh and innovative cuisine at a nominal price! I like to describe it as gourmet on the streets! 

It was pretty nice that Peller Estates Winery made it easy for food truck lovers to get their fix by organizing an event and allowing 20 food trucks to park in their backyard. For $15 a person (kids were free) you got entry into the event, a souvenir glass and one drink ticket for one of 20 Peller Estates wines available during Food Truck Eats 2013.

We sampled from seven food trucks which are listed above. Why those trucks? I think for myself, it came down to the size of the line up and whether or not I had tried them before. For my three picks...I chose the Feisty Jack, Itty Bitty Pie Company and Gourmet Gringos.

If I had to pick my favourite item...I would say it was the Buffalo Chicken Pie from Itty Bitty Pie Company. I really enjoyed the flaky crust that contained a flavourful mix of chicken, hot sauce and veggies. The blue cheese sauce on top was perfection. Honourable mentions also go out to the Pork Al Pastor and Beef Cheek Barbacoa Tacos from Gourmet Gringos. Excellent examples of gourmet tacos...just absolutely delicious.

My least favourite item was the Texas Style Brisket Sandwich from Southern Smoke Truck. The meat wasn't as tender as I like my brisket. The sauce was not that great. It lacked any real flavour in my honest opinion.

This was a great event and a great opportunity to sample different foods from different food trucks. As well, the combination of wine and food truck food was a real winner. Can't wait for next year's Food Truck Eats!

Itty Bitty Pie Company

Gourmet Gringo's

The Roaming Buffalo
Food Man and Culture Boy

In his opinion:
In its second edition, the Food Truck Eats was an event that was highly anticipated and much awaited by all food truck lovers and wine aficionados alike. The beautiful grounds of Peller Estates once again graced and provided the background for this great event. Divided into 2 days, the event had 2 very distinct feelings for each day. On Saturday, the event was from 1 to 6 PM and on Sunday, dubbed the "Night Market", eating under the stars was the concept with some DJ's providing some upbeat sounds in the background.

Last year's Food Truck Eats was such a big success in so many ways so the expectations were high. Buzz about how many trucks and which trucks would be in attendance was circulating through social media and everyone seemed very excited for the event weekend.

We arrived at Peller Estates and were able to secure a parking pass, therefore bypassing having to park in the overflow which was nice. There were plenty of people directing the flow of traffic and pedestrians on the grounds, making the entrance a pleasure. 

After receiving the souvenir glass and drink ticket that are complimentary with the ticket purchase, we walked in to an already vibrant and pretty full venue, even though it was only 7 minutes past the opening time of 6 PM. I must admit that it felt less crowded this year; but it could have been better organization, as you always learn from year to year.

All the food I tried was simply amazing. We only repeated one truck (El Gastronomo Vagabundo) so all others were trucks we had not yet experienced in our other food truck outings. Special mentions to Tostado de Lengua from El Gastronomo Vagabondo, it was simply delicious. The Buffalo Chicken Savoury Pie from Itty Bitty Pie Company was an interesting and marvelous choice, kind of like England meets Buffalo tailgate party flavour. The Pork al Pastor and Beef Cheek Barbacoa tacos were also packed with flavour and amazingly delicious, re-iterating that tacos are a crowd favourite, especially when they are non-conventional ones. Lastly but not least, the always favourite fish tacos, courtesy of Food Man and Culture Boy were a refreshing end to a delectable food truck experience.

Can't wait for next year...

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