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2009 Biff''s Juicy Red

Wine Review: 2009 Biff''s Juicy Red from Cave Spring Cellars

In his opinion:

This is my first crack at a wine review...and let's get one thing out of the gates...I am a French Wine lover but think in the last 10 years Canada has been making some amazing wines, especially for the price.

The obvious: Biff''s Juicy Red is not a usual name you would find in a bottle label made for the Oliver and Bonacinni range of restaurants, especially when their Restaurant Biff''s has a wine list of mostly French wines. Château du Biff''s wouldn't have sounded any better either...

Cave Springs Winery in Jordan in the Niagara Region has been making and bottling this Red Wine since 2009. For the most of that time, you could only have it at any of Oliver and Bonacini's Restaurants. Until now...

My wife has loved this Red from our many visits to O&B restaurants and our many attempts to have Cave Springs sell it to us directly had not been successful, given that it is made only for O&B.

We finally got them to sell it to us and here we are, enjoying it and reviewing it.  

Before I even opened it, my disappointment was immediate as it has no cork but instead a twist cap. Being from Portugal (top cork producing country in the world), and believing that the uncorking is a big part of the wine drinking ritual, it was a let down.

As soon as the wine poured out of the bottle into my wine goblet, the disappointment of the cork vanished. The wine is a medium ruby red colour and looks very good on the glass. At first sniff, the sweet bright aroma of raspberries is present but it isn't until you give the glass a nice twirl or so that it releases additional aroma of blackberry and cherries.

On to the taste. It has a medium body, well rounded on the palate where the berries continue with a hint of smoke and smoked pepper, very easy to drink and reminding me of Portuguese Dao region red's. My wife can only cope with 1-2 glasses maximum as she is more of a white wine drinker, but she loves this one.

The finish displays some nice even tannins and a faint oak taste.
Overall, a great red that would go perfectly with a nice tenderloin or any type of BBQ meat. I had it with my wife's homemade yummy 3 cheese, beef/Italian sausage ragu pasta bake and it complimented it very well.

I'm no sommelier but WOW...that almost sounded like I know what I'm talking about...LOL...I said almost!

At $21, half the price of what it costs at O&B restaurants, it's a steal.
I give it a 7 1/2 CORKS out of 10

In her opinion:

I love this wine.  I am a white wine drinker but this is my absolutely favourite red wine.  I have started to appreciate that a glass of red wine compliments a meal when I am having red meat or something hardy.  This has been a personal journey of discovery to find a red that I could drink and enjoy and Biff's Juicy Red is my all time favourite.  It just tastes good.  

Sorry, I don't sound like a sommelier.  I actually dislike all that mumbo jumbo when people talk about wine...sorry Edgar.  I base my opinions on wine on the fact that it actually tastes good.  And this one does!!! If you also want to try it, you need to buy it directly from Cave Spring Winery in Jordan or visit one of the Oliver and Bonacini restaurants.

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